Bali Hai Tours is a family-owned company that prides itself on offering the best of the best in island and wildlife exploration.

About our crew

  • Our captains and shipmates live on the island and have many years of experience on the ocean, as well as island and wildlife touring.
  • Our captains are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard
  • In addition, all crew members have received: First Aid, CPR & Lifesaving training from the Red Cross
  • Advanced life saving from Aquatic Safety Management Services.
  • All have been certified in search & rescue and water safety. Safety is our highest priority.

Our Movie Credits

We have helped scout sights for various scenes, transported staff and actors, built props and assisted with stunt training on such movies as:
  • A Perfect Getaway
  • Dinocroc II, III & IV
  • Jurasic Park I, II & III
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Supergator
  • Waterworld

About our boat

  • Our high-tech fully equipped Zodiac is 20 feet long
  • Cushioned seats and floor
  • Inflatable hurricane Zodiac making for a more stable ride for taking pictures
  • 2 stroke 100 HP Mercury motor
  • Max seating 12, but we only take 6

NOTE: There are no restrooms on board. However, if Mother Nature call we’ll encourage you to do like the fishes.

What we provide

The following will be available free of extra charge to make your trip comfortable and safe. If you happen to have your own and would feel more comfortable, please feel free to bring it along.

  • Life vests in various sizes; child’s small to adult XX-large
  • Ski vests for those who would prefer them
  • Infant seat – request prior to tour
  • Snorkel gear
  • Floater noodles and boogie boards
  • Seat cushions
  • Weather gear, just in case Mother Nature decides to hide the sun
  • Dry bags for your dry carry on…though we’ll ask you to limit it or lock it in your car prior to departure
  • Zip lock bags in case your camera isn’t the underwater type
  • Snacks and beverages. Depending on market availability, we usually include:
    • Fresh fruit
    • Trail mix
    • Pastries/Cookies
    • Water
    • Canned Hawaiian drinks
    • Canned regular and diet soda

What to bring

 A towel and a smile is really all you need to enjoy this adventure. However, a few comfortable items of your own may enhance the experience.
Please feel free to bring…
  • Sunscreen! We recommend Banana Boat Sport, it is water, wind, and sweat proof.
  • Camera with extra memory and batteries.
  • Sunglasses and/or prescription glasses. Please be sure to have a string or cord so they won’t be lost to the sea.
  • Hat, be sure to also have a string or cord. It can get windy, but for ecological reasons we do try to retrieve anything that falls off the boat.
  • Towels.
  • Swimwear, if you plan to jump into the ocean. There are NO changing rooms on the boat, although our departure locations do have restrooms and freshwater showers.
  • Dry clothes, however we do ask you to lock them in your car prior to departure.
  • Personal snacks or beverages if you have special dietary needs. BYOB is perfectly fine with us.
NOTE: We are not responsible for any electronic equipment including but not limited to cell phones and camera equipment.

Medical conditions or concerns

We care about your comfort and don’t want you to be injured or further injured. If you’ve recently injured yourself, have recently had surgery, are in the early trimester of pregnancy, or suffer from back problems, please heed the following:
  • You can be up close and personal with sea creatures. Though we have never had a serious incident, your condition could be aggravated by quick movements on your or their part.
  • Mother Nature can get cranky and waves may get high and rough (sometimes very rough) so bouncing can occur.
  • Our cruises are for the thrill seeker looking for a unique adventure. We will be going fast through the waves, with quick turns, splashing, and a loud “Whoopee!” or two may occur.
  • We don’t want to tell anyone not to come, so please use your best judgement. You know your body better than anyone.
  • Lastly, our boats are NOT wheelchair accessible. However, with help from your caregiver, we can lift you (not the chair) into the boat.